Management team

Boaz Brill, PhD


With over 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry, Boaz brings extensive leadership experience, motivating multi-disciplinary teams toward achieving challenging goals.   In his previous role as VP R&D and CTO of Nova Measuring Instruments (Nasdaq: NVMI), he led the development of Optical CD measurement technology from concept to market, resulting with >$100M in annual sales, 5 generations of products installed in the factories of top semiconductor manufacturers worldwide and over 40 US patents.  From the technology aspects, Boaz brings extensive experience in system engineering, optics, and algorithms.  Boaz is leading GluSense as CEO since 2011.

Boaz is a graduate of the prestigious Talpiot IDF program;  he received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science and holds an MBA from the University of Bradford (UK).

Tamar Auerbach-Nevo, PhD


Tamar received her Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Ulm, Germany. She later went to Israel to join the lab of Nobel laureate Prof. Ada Yonath, where she received her Ph.D. magna cum laude. She continued her career in the industry working initially as Team Leader in the Analytical R&D department in InSight Pharmaceuticals, where she specialized in analytical techniques. Subsequently, Tamar worked at Omrix Biopharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of J&J), where she was Staff Scientist responsible for the development of innovative hemostatic solutions as well as for base business support. Since August 2017, Tamar is working at GluSense, initially as Project Leader, responsible for preclinical development, and since May 2019 as VP R&D. In her current position, she oversees R&D activities related to the development of the implant and leading both pre-clinical development and the clinical activities of the company.

Nimrod Kadim

VP Product Development

Nimrod brings over 20 years of experience in research & development in the medical device arena. Prior to joining GluSense Nimrod was Vice President of Research & Development at SLP where he managed the development of sleep diagnostics devices. Previously he was Director of Development at BioControl where he guided the development of Class III active implantable stimulators for the treatment of heart failure and epilepsy. And prior, he managed the development of medical devices in the field of cardiac diagnostics, telemedicine and sleep therapy at LifeWatch (formerly Card Guard) and PRYM medical, respectively. Nimrod also served 6 years in various R&D roles in an advanced technological unit of the IDF Military Intelligence. Mr. Kadim holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Holon Institute of Technology.  In his current position, Nimrod is responsible for the development of Glyde wearable device and mobile application and managing the Engineering department.

Uriel Barkai, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

With over 30 years in the BioMed industry, Uriel has been directly involved with cell-based medical devices in the past 15 years, leading multiple R&D programs in various companies, including Beta-O2 and Carmel Biosensor.

Uriel holds a Ph.D. in Physiology from Tel-Aviv University and has been a visiting scientist in several leading universities in the US and Europe.

Alon Izmirli


Alon Izmirli has over 30 years of experience in high-tech. From military technology till medical technology, Alon gathered extensive knowledge in developing diversified systems, for different types of organizations (including the global corporations Microsoft and Abbott).  In his previous role as Chief Scientist of MediGuide, Alon was directly responsible for the algorithms and accuracy of the MediGuide technology. He was a critical factor in the success of MediGuide acquisition by St. Jude Medical for 300M$ (during the subprime crisis). The technological challenges were to find a model that explains big data recordings of a tiny sensor signal within a catheter, relative to the biological coordinate system of a beating heart in a breathing chest. The system was required to work in the vicinity of a Cath lab and to have compliance with FDA and CE standards.

Besides his technological skills, Alon brings leadership, management and experience; in particular, the experience of strategic planning and customer analysis.  Alon has over 20 US patents. 

Alon is a graduate of the prestigious Talpiot IDF program; he received his BS in Physics, Mathematical & Computers Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and held an MBA from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).

Board of directors

Yossi Gross


Yossi is a world renowned entrepreneur with a long-term successful  track record of creating and managing innovative med-tech companies.   Yossi’s companies have engaged in a wide variety of advanced technologies and have  signed significant strategic agreements with multinational corporations.  Yossi has filed over 500 U.S. patents and is highly respected among leading U.S. and Israeli corporations and venture capitalists.  In 2007 Yossi founded  together with Leon Recanati and Efi  Cohen-Arazi Rainbow Medical which is an evergreen powerhouse for the development of medical devices, currently holding a portfolio of over 10 companies in various therapeutic and diagnostic fields.

Besides his technological skills, Alon brings leadership, management and experience; in particular, the experience of strategic planning and customer analysis.  Alon has over 20 US patents. 

Alon is a graduate of the prestigious Talpiot IDF program; he received his BS in Physics, Mathematical & Computers Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and held an MBA from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).

Ilan Neugarten

Executive Chairman of Rainbow Medical and Chairman of the Board of GluSense

Mr. Neugarten has over 35 years of senior managerial experience and over 15 years of experience in the medical industry. He brings to Rainbow Medical significant experience in medical device venture capital investments, commercialization, and asset realization. Mr. Neugarten joined the Viola Partners Group in 2000 as a partner of DOR Ventures, a VC fund focusing on imaging technologies. During his period at DOR Ventures, he led various investments including medical imaging ventures. Since 2006, he led the healthcare investments of Viola Partners and currently serves on the boards of Angioslide, NanoPass, and PainReform. Prior to joining the Viola Partners Group, he worked for Scitex (NASDAQ:SCIX) in various management positions in Europe, Japan, and Israel.
Mr. Neugarten received his BSc in Electronics from the Technion, Haifa Israel, and an MBA from Boston University.

Jiang Zhang

Board Member

Mr. Zhang is Director of Ping An Ventures. He is heading the healthcare investment and overseas investment in the VC arm of Ping An Insurance Group. Before Ping An Ventures,  Mr. Zhang is a consultant of McKinsey, serving healthcare and financial institutions.  He also had several year experiences with Philips Healthcare in the Netherlands. Mr. Zhang obtained his MBA degree in INSEAD, Master degree in Information Systems in Technical University of Eindhoven, and Bachelor degree in Computer Science from North China Electric Power University.


Prof. William Tamborlane, MD

Yale University

William Tamborlane, MD, has long been inspired by his patients. He leads a multidisciplinary team that cares for more than 1,000 children, adolescents and young adults with diabetes.

“One of the reasons our patients with diabetes do so well is that we’re actively involved in research,” he said. Dr. Tamborlane’s dedication was evident in 1979, when he stayed overnight at Yale-New Haven Hospital to monitor seven children who participated in a clinical trial to test a portable insulin pump to improve control of Type 1 diabetes. Collaborating with his mentor and colleague, Robert Sherwin, MD, he then went on to carry out the research that paved the way for the landmark Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, which ended the debate about whether glycemic control influences the development of diabetes-related complications.

Since then, Dr.Tamborlane has established his international reputation as one of the foremost clinical scientists in childhood diabetes and related disorders. As with his early work, the hallmark of his research has been to investigate methods to overcome the obstacles to successfully managing diabetes in pediatric patients.

Using sophisticated metabolic techniques, he has shown that intensive diabetes treatment results in impairments of counterregulatory hormone responses to hypoglycemia and that normal puberty induces a state of insulin resistance that is exaggerated in adolescents with Type 1 diabetes. He has worked with Yale colleagues at the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing to explore the adverse metabolic consequences of childhood obesity and to develop novel behavioral interventions to improve the outcomes of Type 1 diabetes in adolescents. Dr. Tamborlane is currently conducting pioneering studies on an artificial pancreas system that utilizes external sensors and insulin pumps.

In the realm of Type 2 diabetes, Dr. Tamborlane is leading The Glycemia Reduction Approaches in Diabetes (GRADE) Study, to compare the long-term benefits and risks of four widely used diabetes drugs in combination with metformin, the most common first-line medication for type 2 diabetes. As with his work in Type 1 diabetes, he believes that this study will have an enormous impact on the treatment and management of type 2 diabetes. He is also the founder and Steering Committee chair of the Pediatric Diabetes Consortium T2D Registry and Clinic Network that includes 36 of the leading pediatric Type 2 treatment centers in the US. The group is committed to working together to test the safety and efficacy of new treatments for adolescents Type 2 diabetes.

In addition to his research and clinical practice, Dr. Tamborlane has mentored scores of young physicians who have gone on to distinguish themselves in patient-oriented research in diabetes. He is the Program Director of the Yale K12 grant from NIDDK – one of only five such grants awarded – to support the career development of young pediatric physician scientists in diabetes research. “The development of bright qualified enthusiastic clinical and translational physician investigators is one of the keystones of the CTSA program as well as what we envision as the key role of successful clinical research at Yale,” he said. “We want to identify young physician investigators of high potential and make sure that are given every opportunity to take the steps forward to begin to realize that potential.”


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