Alon Izmirli


Alon Izmirli has over 30 years of experience in high-tech. From military technology till medical technology, Alon gathered extensive knowledge in developing diversified systems, for different types of organizations (including the global corporations Microsoft and Abbott).  In his previous role as Chief Scientist of MediGuide, Alon was directly responsible for the algorithms and accuracy of the MediGuide technology. He was a critical factor in the success of MediGuide acquisition by St. Jude Medical for 300M$ (during the subprime crisis). The technological challenges were to find a model that explains big data recordings of a tiny sensor signal within a catheter, relative to the biological coordinate system of a beating heart in a breathing chest. The system was required to work in the vicinity of a Cath lab and to have compliance with FDA and CE standards.

Besides his technological skills, Alon brings leadership, management and experience; in particular, the experience of strategic planning and customer analysis.  Alon has over 20 US patents. 

Alon is a graduate of the prestigious Talpiot IDF program; he received his BS in Physics, Mathematical & Computers Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and held an MBA from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).